Re: [CR]Stronglight 6 bolt chainrings

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Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 21:47:20 -0600
From: Mark Stonich <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Stronglight 6 bolt chainrings
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At 12/31/2005 03:06 PM -0800, Jerome Moos wrote:
> In the catalog, the inner ring appears to attach to theaded holes
> in the outer at a larger diameter than the crank arms, but perhaps
> originally the three holes not used to attach the crank arms were
> used to mount the inner ring. Anyone have a clue why one would
> want to do this, when it seems easier to use longer bolts and just
> attach both rings to the crank arm?

I've seen a dozen different methods of attaching 3 arm rings to the arms and to each other, including bolting one ring to the arms and the 2nd ring to the 1st. I think it was just a way to be "Different" from the competition.

In the case of this Stronglight ring, I just think it looks better than if they'd left half the holes off.
> I have a couple of these six hole Stronglight rings. I believe
> they came in a large lot I bought from Ted Ernst. The lot was a
> good deal, but I haven't figured out what to do with these 6 hole rings.

Since I don't need a 52t, falling off a cliff, in a vacuum, with a tailwind, here's what I do with them. A little easier to read than this silly thing

Mark Stonich;
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