[CR]Help ID fake Bianchi - detailed pics

Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 11:28:21 +0100
From: Simon PJ <simonpj@mac.com>
To: Simon PJ <simonpj@mac.com>, <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Help ID fake Bianchi - detailed pics

I have added more detailed photos of the 'fake' Bianchi that I bought recently from a German eBay seller:


I have no reason to believe that the seller was trying to deceive by listing the bike as a Bianchi - especially given that the price was not high.

The bike is clearly a mix of parts from different dates; the frame looking to be end of 70's to early 80's (with top tube brake cable braze-ons), with the Campy parts spanning early to mid 70's.

The date mark on the cranks is 5 in a diamond - I assume that that is for 1975. The rear derailleur is marked Patent 73, and I believe the brakes are early 70's. I can't see any date marks on the Record hub lock-nuts, .

I would be very grateful for any information that list members might be able to shed on the pantographing on the Nuovo record parts.

The pantographing on the large chainring (with matching colours in the drilling on the brake calipers) would seem to be celebrating a World Championship relating to a 'B'. It's not the Bianchi 'B' - so what 'B' might this be referring to? (I have posted a detailed photo on Wool Jersey).

Can anyone shed any light on the identity of the frame? I have posted detailed photos of the logos engraved in the tops of the fork crown, and of the lugs and BB shell.

The serial number on the BB shell reads, small zero, then larger digits, 032700. At right angles to this number is "X 7" on the front side of the BB shell.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Wyndham Pulman-Jones Girton, Cambs., UK.

On 30/9/06 19:46, "Simon PJ" <simonpj@mac.com> wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago I noticed a message posted by Steven Maasland which
> outed an eBay auction for what purported to be a chrome framed Bianchi
> sporting some interesting Nuovo Record parts. The Buy-It-Now price was a
> very reasonable 289 Euros. I bought it. (Steven had alerted me to the fact
> that the bike was not a Bianchi, but the price seemed fair for the parts
> alone.)
> The auction page can be found under Ebay item #190029479525. I have also
> posted the photos to Wool Jersey
> (http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/simonpj/)
> The bike arrived yesterday. The seller was very pleasant to deal with, had
> packed the bike well, and after its journey from Germany to England it
> arrived in good shape. To the last part, the bike was spotlessly clean.
> The main mystery is the frame. Clearly not a Bianchi, the frame is
> lightweight, has fairly fine lugs, and contributes to a total bike weight of
> about 22 pounds. The fork and rear triangle do appear to be chromed, but the
> main triangle doesn't look like chrome to me - though it is very shiny.
> Could it be the nickel plating that was underneath the original paint
> finish?
> There are markings on each side of the fork crown from which the letters S
> and D can be identified, plus one other possible letter which looks like a
> backwards B linking the smaller S and D. I will post more detailed photos to
> Wool Jersey tomorrow.
> The chain rings are elaborately pantographed with rainbow colours and a B
> which is not the Bianchi B, and the brakes are also neatly drilled and
> filled with rainbow colours.
> The 26.4mm Nuovo Record seat pin was the wrong size - it should be 26.8mm.
> The wheels are GP4's on Record hubs, fitted with new Wolber tubs. New bars
> and stem have been fitted, along with Mavic brake levers which I found very
> uncomfortable on the first ride that I had on the bike today.
> I'll post more photos tomorrow to Wool Jersey, in the hope that someone
> might be able to identify the frame.
> Wyndham Pulman-Jones
> Girton, Cambs.,
> UK.