Re: [CR]eBay sniping (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 22:53:28 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]eBay sniping (please correct me if I'm wrong)

i am not a correction expert and i know nothing of sniping programs but i will relate one the last minute i put in a bid on a gold sedis chain,i think my final bid was to be 12.00+ shipping . the seller just had an auction end a minute before for another chain that closed at 8.00 +in my haste i had typed in 120.00 and confirmed it and if you know anything about e-bay there is no rapid bid retraction make a long story short some one threw in a last minute bid of 75.00(using your theory i suppose)and i was the winner at 76.00 luckily the seller was sympathetic to my plight and sold me the chain for 12.00 so you can never underestimate how much someone who wants
   something might be willing to pay ,and you just might run up against another
   ridiculously high bid guaranteed to win and wind up a big winner yourself. my only other comment on sniping is get over it.anyone,everyone. either way. its only stuff and very few things in life are fair,by chance or design,who can say?the only time a sniper hurt my feelings is when i lost a bike i really wanted a late 70's rossin campy equipped,that i just couldn't pull the trigger on for more ,due to sizing issues and that five lettter word MONEY. mainly i was mad with myself for fence sitting..shortly thereafter i saw the frame with a bin price almost as much as the entire bike and the 175 mm campy cranks with a 199 starting bid(they sold,the frame went around once to re-listing
   and i lost interest in its ultimate fate) to the winner goes the spoils and all that. i got over it.your best chance at winning is to decide how much you want it and how much you can pay and whether its up front or at the end the highest bid is the bottom line.and as they say the gods must be crazy,so good luck. kevin ruberg howell nj usa