Re: [CR]Factory polished SR crank?

Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 15:37:21 -0700
From: "Kurt Sperry" <>
To: "Tom Dalton" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Factory polished SR crank?
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It IS possible (easy is subjective, but I wouldn't call it that) to clean up a scruffy Record crankset by removing the anodising, sanding out any marks and buffing them up. I've done it. The telltale will be to look at the machined surfaces on the backside of the spider and inside the milled out reliefs in the spider and arms for polished off maching marks for evidence of use. They polish up beautifully and seem to even retain their polish over time well. Scruffy brake calipers and levers will benefit from similar treatment.

Kurt Sperry Bellingham WA USA

On 10/10/06, Tom Dalton <> wrote:
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> Item number 320036002126
> Just stumbled upon this Ebay item. This is one I've never seen. It looks
> just like an SR arm pair that was taken to the buffer. I'm aware of the
> "Mexico" cranks that are reprofiled and in some cases have had the spider
> arms slotted, but this just looks like a buffed-out Campy crank. I don't
> wish to suggest that the seller is trying to pull anything, but wouldn't it
> be pretty easy to take a slightly scuffy set of arms and make it into a "NOS
> factory-polished crank." Again, not saying this is a deliberate scam, but
> might someone have been misinformed, or otherwise be confused?
> Tom Dalton
> Bethlehem, PA, USA
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