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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 15:55:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Adams <>
Subject: RE: [CR]VR 06 photos & mystery touring frame
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Thanks, I've edited the caption. BTW, if you've already looked at the pics, I spent some time yesterday and today adding captions to those pics about which I had some info. Feel free to take another gander.,ren%3as,1%3af,0

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

CyclArt Shop <> wrote: Tom, Thanks for posting the photos from the VR event, I did not bring a camera.... I noticed two photos from the frame building discussion listed as "Lovely Mystery Touring frame" (& #P7270070). It looks like a frame built by Chris Pauley of Santa Barbara, who built custom frames with the name Pauley or Tierra. I recognized the head tube logo with a line drawing of a cypress tree. During the early 80's CyclArt painted many of these frames. Two tone paint, with matching bottle cages & pumps were often done. Chris produced touring, commuting or road riding models. The construction was very clean, generally using simple pointed lugs and Reynolds 531 tubing. CyclArt still has some decals, specification info and price lists in the files. I do not know if Chris is still involved with bicycles. Whoever owns that frame has an excellent piece of craftsmanship.

It was good to see all the folks & their interesting bikes who attended on Sunday. Thanks to Chuck for producing this event.

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Took the red eye back last night, and wanted to get these out to the list while the iron was hot. No color or exposure corrections, minimal captions (one at the start of each new event to give minimal structure to the album). These are more or less in order from the Thursday Beach ride to the Charles Andrews winning the people's choice award. 130+ pics this year. I tried to get some more candid photos of the rides, but they all seem to be from the back of the pack----

I'll try to write up a more complete summary later, but 1,000 thanks to Chuck Schmidt who once more put on a wonderful fall event, a perfect climax to the riding season for those of us with all 4 seasons. And this year I climbed le Alpe du Beanery three times without nearly passing out! A great feat for such a flatlander as me.

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

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