Re: [CR]Cranks for Motobecane Grand Touring FRENCH ??

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 11:36:33 -0700
From: Rich Pinder <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cranks for Motobecane Grand Touring FRENCH ??
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Hi Richard,

We may be on a parallel journey here - after wise counsel at last weekend VeloRendezvous, I've decided I'm going to just 'build it up and ride it' to see how my ugly yellow Motobecane rides. Reading lots of VBQ (woops...BQ) stuff, and tire sizes, rims, etc... are all on my mind. I'm searching for the cups/axle for the french threaded bb (our friend up in Santa Barbara has new cups for sale - japanese brand, but french threads).... I'll put any cranks I've got on to test it...

I an not sure I can justify the cost, but the pretty TA cranks [ the Pro 5 Vis (Cyclotouriste) ] would surely be a good fit. I am going over the deep end (and blowing the whole project in some of you's eyes) and gonna try to create the 'compact double' setup - and the rear will be a very modern 9 or 10speed, with a modern Velocity 700c wheelset (the one with the offset rear). But I hope to make the changers work with older campy changers - I heard that modern 9 speed stuff shifts very nicely with the old friction shifters.... (anybody confirm this ??).

I've also seen some of the Sugino compact cranks that would be a much more affordable solution. Saw some at InterBike..they look pretty nice.

And in the 'rubber meets the road' dept, but down the line a bit ... I read a small note in Jans last issue - the fellow over at Cycles Bois (sp?) in japan is coming out with a 700C tire....hmmm... wonder what that will be like !!..

Good luck Richard. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

My frame:

Rich Pinder Van Nuys, CA

II LONG wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I recently posted a request for a crankset to replace the SR's on this
> bike (early 70's) and had a few very nice folks respond with offers.
> Unfortunately, the deal I chose didn't work out. So I am again
> repeating my request in hope that you all are still out there. My
> spindle measures 4.811" in length and 0.480 at max inside of crank
> where the spindle goes. I'm not sure if that is a proper description
> of dimensions, but I would be glad to provide anything else that would
> help. Thanks again to all of you who responded the last time.


> Richard Long

> Temecula, CA