Re: [CR]?options for a French rear deraillieur

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 18:22:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]?options for a French rear deraillieur
To: gabriel l romeu <>
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The Simplex had a spring-loaded upper pivot, which allowed it to wrap more chain and gave smoother shifting. This was offset a bit on the cheaper Simplex models, which had a cheap stamped jockey cage as did the less expensive Campy models. The stamped cage flexed, making shifting imprecise. Another problem was the flex in the cheap Simplex Prestige plastic shift levers. But the Simplex Criterium, like came on the PX-10, had a proper forged jockey cage, and the Criterium shifters were solid alloy, so there was nothing to ruin the shifting, which was much better than Campy NR.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Republic of Texas

gabriel l romeu <> wrote:

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
> If you mean a Campy RD or similar, the procedure In The Day was to tap
> out the DO for the Campy thread. also had to file a notch to
> serve a stop. I have always refused to mutiliate perfectly good Simple x
> DO's on this way. These best and obvious solution is to simply use a
> Simplex RD. The high end ones, including Criterium and SLJ always
> shifted much better than Campy anyway.

Really? I remember the old plastic Simplex which was wonderfully smooth, I have a few older campy which are great, suntours that are wonderful, and a couple of shimanos within the timeline that are really cool. All are different, but I would not venture to say which one is better, just very different. Why are these two always better than Campy?

best, gabriel from a cooler chesterfield new jersey, USA, not getting out today for a trip to Brooklyn, but tomorrow for a CR ride...
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> */gabriel l romeu /* wrote:
> unthreaded rear dropout on a mid 70's Peugeout PX10? is there an
> adaptor for a threaded deraillieur? hows about one of those hooky
> things for the wheel axle stays?
> inquiring minds want all the options.
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> gabriel l romeu
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