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Indeed that is exactly right - but Campy stuck with the design when those ratios started changing. And a study of deraillieurs already in existence would have revealed that there was another way...

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> One must remember the era that these derailleurs were introduced and the

\r?\n> ratios used at the time. The Gran Sport worked perfectly well, and

\r?\n> better than almost any other racing derailleur of the period, when used

\r?\n> with 52/48 and 14-24 (5 speed) which was almost universally used at the

\r?\n> time.

\r?\n> The Sport derailleur was designed for use on city bikes with a three

\r?\n> speed freewheel of 16-19-22 or a four speed 15-23. It worked perfectly

\r?\n> well with these ratios and it is still possible to see them in everyday

\r?\n> use in Italy fifty years after they were made.

\r?\n> Mike Barry.

\r?\n> In sunny Toronto.