Re: [CR]help with mystery 30's ? track frame (Exel?)

From: "Joe King" <>
To: "tod kapke" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]help with mystery 30's ? track frame (Exel?)
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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:27:31 +0100

Todd, Your frame has a lug pattern which is very reminiscent of a type used by a London maker Dan Genner, Exel Cycles, High Street, Colliers Wood, Merton, S.W.19. In the forties he had a whole series of lug patterns called "Excelental" and they all had regal names. Rex, Royal, Regal and Coronet. Your frame has something of the Coronet about it if my memory serves me well. In the 1960's at Herne Hill cycling track you would often see Charlie Bowtle or Bill Temme both crack British track stars in their day and who were still connected with the British cycling scene right up until their deaths. Now I can't remember which one but one of them had an Exel very similar to yours. I think the model was called "New Prince". You need to get hold of someone who knows about this very famous maker. I can't say for certain but it is very similar to an Exel but the lack of headbadge worries me but lug wise they are very alike. Regarding the two bike debate both these cycling legends owned at least three bikes each just like Bill Bradley. Didn't he have a Falcon as well? Best wishes and hopefully someone far more knowledgeable than me will be able to rule it out or in. Joe PS. Dan named his models thus so: Exel Rex A tubing, Exelite Rex 531, Excelental 531, Then the Excelental with named lug patterns as above 531 and finally Exelwelda 531 Bronze welded. Croeso Cymru Joe King Nr. Maenaddwyn Ynys Mon Wales