RE: [CR]Questions regarding EVIL? Singer on French ebay

Subject: RE: [CR]Questions regarding EVIL? Singer on French ebay
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:04:57 -0700
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Check out the fork rake (rather the lack thereof) - if that's a Singer rake then I'm a monkey's nephew. Oh wait, I am, never mind. Still, it won't ride like the Singers we know and love.

Mark Bulgier Seattle WA USA

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> I am NOT SURE if this is the same one, but someone emailed me
> photos of a very similar looking machine for my evaluation a
> few days ago. Looks to be the same bike I think.
> Huge Issue - NOT ALL SINGERS were top quality machines built
> from frames coming from the shop. During certain periods,
> Singer obtained lower end frames, labled them as Singers, and
> off they went. He did not use the same graphics I believe.
> Better photos of the suspect machine which I saw revealed a
> headtube decal that did not say Construteur. Also, a
> give-away was the finishing of the stay ends near the rear
> dropouts. Cheesy domed fitting rather than the trademark
> scalloped finishing. Otherwise the lugwork was quite crude.
> There is no way Steven would have caught this from the photo
> on ebay, but I'm sure he or anyone else would have caught it
> if they saw the detail photos I saw (assuming the same bike -
> get better photos so be sure).
> Mike Kone in Boulder CO
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> > I outed the following bike last week:
> >
> >
> > Too bad that the photos are not any better. It really is
> frustrating
> > when you can't really tell much about the details about the bike.
> >
> > Can anybody guess what tyupe of bars those are? They seem
> to have both
> > considerable reach and drop. Is it not more common to see
> smaller drop
> > bars on Singer bikes?
> >
> > Where is the headlight fitted? It doesn't appear to be on
> the top of
> > the front rack or mudguard, is it perhaps fitted to the
> side of the rack?
> >
> > Hopefully the bike will go to a list member and we will
> then be able
> > to see the bike in its true glory.
> >
> > If a list member is the eventual winner and needs some help with
> > French translation, feel free to send me an email.
> >
> > Steven Maasland
> > Moorestown, NJ
> > USA