Re: [CR]CR-worthy shops near Montreal, QC?

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Subject: Re: [CR]CR-worthy shops near Montreal, QC?
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:53:16 +0000

One FYI: Longueille (I think that's right!) is a good distance from the center of Montreal and worse from the airport. Have a car and a good map if you're going there.

Ken Freeman (finally got home from Longueille to) Ann Arbor, MI

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From: Neil Crawford

> Four shops I know of'


\r?\n> Marinoni very cool if you can get into his older stock ? He Mr Marinoni can be

\r?\n> a bit of a hard nut to crack by times.


\r?\n> Cycle Gervais Rioux


\r?\n> Tino Rossi In Lachine a mecca for racing in Quebec


\r?\n> Robert Van Den Eyde in Longeial (long gay) Spelling Robert won six day races

\r?\n> in Delhi in the 70"s also raced the 74 Olympics in Montreal. A legend in MTL.


\r?\n> Good luck let me know if these work for you




\r?\n> sasha eysymontt wrote:

\r?\n> I'm headed up to Montreal with some friends this weekend, and would love the

\r?\n> opportunity to hunt down a couple of interesting bike shops, if there are

\r?\n> any to be found. I know that KOF builder Le Croco was (is?) based in

\r?\n> Montreal, so there's always the hope of finding one of those. Any good

\r?\n> recommendations for shops with interesting bits and bobs on the shelves or

\r?\n> hanging from the ceilings?


\r?\n> thanks,


\r?\n> sasha 'exchange rate shopping' eysymontt, nyc.


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