Re: [CR]Help confirming a possible Raleigh Team Pro

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 19:46:19 -0500
From: John Thompson <>
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
To: CR List <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Help confirming a possible Raleigh Team Pro
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Otis wrote:
> I would think that simply weighing the bare frame would confirm 753? The
> last 753 frame and fork I had weighed almost a full pound less than a
> similar sized SL or 531 frameset. You're going to strip it down anyway,
> right?

531 "Special Lightweight" tubing was virtually identical in weight to 753 -- just not heat-treated. Hardness testing of the tubing at a point away from a joint might give an answer if it's really important to know.


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