[CR]For Sale & For Auction (wood rims/Simplex/650B/Moulton Books andother goodies!!

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:31:56 -0500 (CDT)
From: bikenut@verizon.net
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]For Sale & For Auction (wood rims/Simplex/650B/Moulton Books andother goodies!!

Ladies and Gents, I have a good copy of "The Custom Bicycle" by Michael J. Kolin and Denise M. de la Rosa / Rodale Press 1979 for sale. $20 US plus shipping. Paypal is encouraged but a USPS money order will do.

I also have some Ebay auctions underway as the seller farwest_milano_cc here is the link to the current auctions...


Included are some Cherchio Ghisallo wood rims, Scheeren Standard lightweight sew up rims, hi-zoot Rigida 650 B rims, several of the Tony Hadland books on Moulton, Simplex Competition ft Derailleur and other assorted parts. I will be adding more items this weekend. I have a mountain, hors categorie, of bikes and parts to move along and will be offering my surplus over the next few months. Some of the coming auction items will be a early 60's Nervex lugged Jack Taylor bicycle as well as Colnago, Medici, De Rosa, and Gios Torino frames. Check back at my auction page for updates.

Matty Gorski
Belmont Shore, CA
United States of America