Re: [CR]3rensho or not a 3rensho

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 15:09:50 -0700
From: "galen pewtherer" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]3rensho or not a 3rensho
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i've seen the same lugs (w/ the 'beef') on remintons (another kierin builder), so i don't think they're proprietary.

110mm rear spacing is pretty common for keirin bikes in general (although they're mostly 120mm these days).

one thing you could look for is the 3rensho "super ends", the socketed trackends and fork ends shown on the bike in the auction.

i believe listmember sasha eysymontt has been doing some work on establishing a 3rensho database/timeline, so you might ask him.

finally, pictures of the bike, especially the bb shell and seat cluster, would help a lot.


galen pewtherer san francsico, ca usa

On 10/20/06, e a <> wrote:
> don't know if those are proprietary lugs or not, seems like zunow had som e
> "beef" on some there lugs too. other 3rensho characteristics would be the
> seat lug and behind the bb shell. my 3rensho has the seat stay attachment
> shown on the ebay bike. also behind the bb shell you would find a "web"
> instead of a chainstay bridge.
> is there a serial number?
> Eric Acuna
> Santa Rosa, CA
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> Yo,
> a mate of mine bought a very neat track bike locally here in Oz. Never
> seen anything like it, but it was obviously the shizzle and made for
> racing on a track ... very well made from my keen but amateur inspect.
> It kinda sucks having an obviously cool bike but with no idea of what
> it is but c'est la vie. Anyways, his paint is a little tired and he is
> about to get a repaint then he sends me an email with this auction link
> ....
> his bike looks very similar, including the same stylized 3 point lugs
> with "beef" and is also 110mm spaced in the rear. his fork is straight
> bladed but most all the features are similar. What Im asking is if
> these lugs are proprietary or whether they were used other builders? Is
> there anybody's out there who has a bike with similar lugs and build
> style? anybody a 3rensho expert?
> My mate is itching to paint ... and I'm trying to get him to hold on in
> case we find out just what it is. Would really love some help.
> thanks
> ciao,
> ben kamenjas
> sydney, australia
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