RE: [CR]Proper use of Silca Pumps

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Subject: RE: [CR]Proper use of Silca Pumps
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 08:45:04 -0700
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Amir, I can't say I'm an expert, but a Silca is all I have ever used on my three bikes for the past 30 years. My method:

1) With the tire positioned so the valve is at the top of the rim (valve pointed down at the ground), unscrew valve lock fully

2) Always extend pump handle completely before attaching to valve - otherwise, if you inadvertently pressurize the pump from the tire you can blow the handle completely out of the pump

3) gently wiggle the pump onto the valve

4) hold the pump valve end in left hand with thumb braced against the tire

5) pump with right hand, making sure not to stress the valve stem

6) When finished, extend the handle (for the reason in #2), wiggle the pump off of the valve

7) Screw down the valve lock

I wonder if part of your problem is the type of pump head - is it Campy?

...Derek Davis, Phoenix

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> Subject: [CR]Proper use of Silca Pumps
> The last time I used a Silca pump was 30 years ago.
> Used it on a vicious dog and cracked the tube ... been a Zefal fan ever
> since.
> There must be a trick to pumping a tire with it, because:
> when I push the head on the valve, as far as it will go, the
> compressed
> air pushes the handle out on the backstroke.
> when I push the head on, just a bit, I only get back-pressure when
> pumping
> What is the correct way to mount the pump head over the valve ... and use
> a
> Silca pump.
> Amir Avitzur
> Ramat-Gan, Israel
> BTW: a seller on ebay (mgpicco) has very cheap NOS Silca pumps ... with
> silca heads.