[CR]dropout and historical claims in general

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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 13:53:55 -0400
Subject: [CR]dropout and historical claims in general

various snips

<<<<<<<<<<<< First there were all the claims made by people about the French in the 30's "inventing" all sorts of bicycle firsts which don't stand muster to in-depth verification, now we read: "Charley Davey of the Vegetarian & Athletic Cycling Club invented the forward-opening drop out in 1919."


This is simply not true>>>>>>>>>>>

Let me just add a tempering word.

Our skepticism and historical knowledge of hyperbole in our industry should not eliminate a sympathetic view of independent discovery.

One could look at a calendar and determine someone must be telling a "not truth." Without dis-proving non-independent discovery or proving the presence of hyperbole the assumption is not warranted. Cynicism should not be confused with skepticism, equally a sympathetic listening should not be confused with gullibility.

Presently, educators on a college level and perhaps lower are shifting who invented Calculus. When I was in college it was Descartes. Other places I learned that he while being punished as a child he sought his revenge by laying down fundamental principles:-)

Now many are rooting for the Greeks, or other dead white guys like Newton if they do not like Descartes faith. Others who don't like dead white guys and who can not abide with revelational truth will champion other ethnic origins.

That said to say this. I love the accumulation of historical narrative that occurs on this list. Let us be careful how we make our judgments. Too careless and it will be lost. Even if incontrovertibly proven false, it is still interesting wisdom and facts of a bygone era.

Howard Darr
Clymer Pa USA