[CR]Somec, Ferrari and the tail up Cavallino--forgot to sign

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Subject: [CR]Somec, Ferrari and the tail up Cavallino--forgot to sign

In the 60's, Oliviero Gallegati worked as a mechanic for the Giro d'Italia. Seeing a need to establish standards for Giro mechanics, he established the "Mechanic's Society"--(SOcieta' MEChanica), thus creating the acronym for SOMEC frames. A rarity in Italy, as he did not name his frames after himself as most other Italian framebuilders do, but after his society. Today, every SOMEC frame is made in Lugo, and is crafted from steel or aluminum. SOMEC still makes less frames in a year than a mass producer makes in an hour. (note: When you see the SOMEC logo, do not be confused with Ferrari. As the story goes, back in ancient history when Oliviero and Enzo Ferrari both wanted to show the Cavallino on their product, they came to an agreement as fellow "Romagnesi": Ferrari would put the tail up, SOMEC the tail down. They have never argued from that day). http://www.virtualitalia.com/sports/bike_manuf.shtml

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