Re: [CR]54CM Cinelli on Ebay #300043661992

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From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]54CM Cinelli on Ebay #300043661992
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 21:07:49 -0700

Bob Freitas wrote:
> Bidding on this bike? planning to? the spots you see on the chrome
> is rust , this bike was stored somewhere that moisture got to it
> and its rusty on all steel parts.
> I do not feel very confident in the seller as he doesnt want to
> give you a straight answer (even with me standing in front of him)
> I had asked him if he tried to remove the rust with steel wool and
> he basically said no but it "should clean up", I would look at this
> as full restoration including chrome and no guarantee the tubes
> wont be swiss cheese from the inside.
> Again I would not bid on it unless you actually look at the
> bike unless you want one big surprise when you take it out of the box.
> Also he is a professional photographer so hes very
> good at showing little in his photos (Oh, I had my camera set on
> low resolution)

Pretty clear in the excellent (my opinion) photos that the bike is covered with rust... both the paint and the chrome. Obviously an "as found" bike. The kind of bike I just clean up as best I can and ride the thing as an "old warrior." Badge of honor among some of the riders/collectors I ride with here in SoCal.

The seller is mistaken about the "Stronglight" cranks though; they're TA Criterium. I would agree with the seller that they are very rare!

I'd also agree with the seller that the bike "should clean up." Works for me but might not for someone else.

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