Re: [CR]Mystery Campy Track Rear Hub w/o lockring threads

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 15:33:31 +0100
From: Hilary Stone <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Mystery Campy Track Rear Hub w/o lockring threads
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> Dear Listees,
> I have a sort of mystery Campy rear track hub that is looking for an
> explanation.
> It is a large flange "no-record" early track type hub but it has no
> stepped-down reverse threaded provision for a lockring. Weird. At
> first I thought perhaps someone might have stripped the lockring
> thread and had it removed by a machinist. But the rounded profile of
> the hub shell makes me question that. There doesn't seem like there
> was any stepped-down section at all to begin with. The flange spacing
> definitely is wider than that of a regular road hub. I have some
> photos posted on the Wool Jersey Gallery :
> Its probably for a single freewheel as used on BMX...

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England
> Has anyone seen or heard of something like this ?
> Thanks,
> Mike Fabian
> San Francisco, CA USA