[CR]New museum for Madonna del Ghisallo

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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 16:06:55 -0400
From: "Angel Garcia" <veronaman@gmail.com>
To: "CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]New museum for Madonna del Ghisallo

as per cyclingnews.com: New museum for Madonna del Ghisallo

The Madonna del Ghisallo chapel, perched high above Italy's Lake Como and long the place of pilgrimage for cyclists seeking the protection of their patron saint, is opening a museum coinciding with this year's Tour of Lombardy on Saturday, October 14.

The museum will dedicate over 2000 square metres to cycling's history and will be divided into two themes: the man and his machine. The permanent collection will include a historical collection of trophies, photography, clothing and bicycles of the champions, design and technology of the racing bicycle, and audiovisual aids and collections.

The champions featured will be both Italian and foreign, and include names from Jack, Coppi and Bartali to Moser, Merckx and Indurain and many others. The museum will also feature temporary exhibitions.

"It is interactive, dynamic and representative, a place of active instruction," said the museum's architects, David Bergna and Pier Federico Caliari.

Angel Garcia

Verona, IT