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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 11:25:14 -0800

All: Are there two brakes here? One looks like a stirrup rodbrake like device that pulls the brake shoes agains the rim loke on the english Raleigh Tourister model. The othe piece lookis like a spoon bill brake that would push down on the back tire, much like the old high wheelers and millions of the old prewar front push down brake that pressed on the top of the tire. Kids scooters have them, too. Unless that unit works together, but I can't tell from the photo and maybe a few pieces are missing or disconnected. It's a great bike, love those handlebars.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> Hello,
> Don Wilson <> schrieb:
>>All right. I give up. What is the pedal just behind
>>the chainwheel in these pictures. A foot brake of some
> i guess so.
> It is in fact a (very rotten) twin of my Peugeot halfracer... frame,
> headbadge, cranks... the same.
> Mine is, acccording to the vendor i bought it from, a 1920ies model.
> i'm curios how high the rusty wonder in this auction will go :)
> Joe King is right, the position on these bikes is rather odd, and of
> course they weigh a ton. Fun to ride it around the block, but doing
> 200km on one of those? :) My Automoto from a decade later looks and
> feels like a modern bike compared to it.


> Martin Appel