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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 19:57:12 -0500
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Most people post in the auction that it is not their responsibility anymore once it leave their hands. I am a machinery dealer, I tell my customers that shipping is their responsibility, once it leaves my hands it is out of my hands. I never include shipping in the invoice, if something goes wrong I want it to be between them and the trucking company. It I make shipping my responsibility they want their money back if the product gets damaged in shipping.

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In a slight tangent of the current thread on Ebay transactions, I would like to ask about the responsibity when items are sent. I don't know whether I am asking this question morally or legally, or neither of those, and perhaps more in the vein of other members' sense of right in selling and buying on Ebay. Where does the responsiblity rest for lost uninsured items sent through the mail? I recently sent a relatively expensive ($200) to an international buyer. He never received it; I provided the receipt with the customs number on it (which, according to the US Postal Service is not traceable) indicating it was sent.

I have absolutely no reason to not believe this person when he states that he did not receive it, and he has been extremely polite in his requests and responses to me, and has made no demands.

I know when buying on Ebay, though it has only happenned twice, where I did not receive items sent that I was sure were sent, my sense of right is that I am out the item if I did not buy insurance when offerred. I am not sure that is right either; after all, who assumes the liability of the carrier, the sender or the receiver?

Anyone with some thoughts that they'd like to share privately?

Tom Hayes
Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA