Re: [CR]Ebay transactions and responsiblity

Subject: Re: [CR]Ebay transactions and responsiblity
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 11:12:39 -0500
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I'll offer a minority opinion. If I buy something, I believe I bought the item delivered to my door. I didn't pay for an item FOB Timbuktu. I paid for it to be delivered and I paid the shipping and handling to get it here. In cases where the seller states FOB upfront, then I often question that prior to bidding. Likewise, if I ship something and it doesn't arrive, then I accept responsibility. In most of my dealings, I ship FedEx so I know the delivery was made. I usually don't ask for a signature guarantee when I ship, but also, I make that stipulation to the buyer that if they want the protection of not leaving an item unattended on the front porch, that I will request a signature. For international shipments, which I rarely do, I stipulate to the buyer that I can't be responsible for items lost in shipment. I've had two shipments that didn't arrive that I sent. I refunded one of them and the other was international and the buyer acknowledged difficulties with postal handlings on his end. I've had one shipment that didn't arrive that someone else sent. In the latter, it was the Baylis that Mike Schmidt mentioned over the weekend that was destroyed in a FedEx fire and the seller, Dave Perry, didn't hesitate, he refunded my money, just as I would have done had I been the seller. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL