[CR]Rivendell Lugged Stem for Sale

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:09:23 -0600
From: "John T.Pergolizzi" <jtperry1@verizon.net>
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Subject: [CR]Rivendell Lugged Stem for Sale


Rivendell Lugged Stem. 135mm length (no longer manufactured). USED very little. Minor insertion mark about an inch down. Expander where the 6mm wrench goes in is not perfect but works absolutely fine ( like a slightly smaller wrench had been used once). Please refer to the link below for the Rivendell website w/ more details:


$135.00 or buy a new one for $200 and still be 15mm short!

Please add $7.00 shipping in C.U.S.

Thank you,

John T.Pergolizzi Brooklyn, New York
>From the Rivendell website:

"The very idea of a lugged stem is indulgent since there are plenty of excellent stems already, but we like lugs and wanted to do something different with them. Lugged stems have been made--we aren't the first--but they are hard to come by and even more expensive than ours!

The tubing is specially drawn Reynolds 853. The finish is nickel, sort of satin-like. It's a finish that Nitto calls "dull-bright" and it looks good. IT IS NOT CHROME-LIKE!

The quill is 180 mm, the clamp diameter is 26.0 mm. The angle between the quill and the extension is 73.5 degrees and it tightens with an aluminum wedge.

It fits only 1" threaded steerers

It is hand made and it shows. If you look closely you can see the brazing material around the edges of the lug. This is not a bad thing it just adds to the character. Each one is unique and takes a long time to make.

It's not a superlight stem and it's not a heavy one, either. It is super strong though--it passed one extreme test after another with no sign of failure.

Whatsitweigh? Honestly this is not the stem to buy if you are concerned about weight."