Re: [CR]Re: eBay auction tactics (I.P. Merkin)

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Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 23:19:35 -0400
From: Joseph Bender-Zanoni <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: eBay auction tactics (I.P. Merkin)
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OK, I will be relatively uncivil.

A bidder who knows values and cares nothing about auction dynamics (gotta have it or gotta win) sets a maximum price.

A sniping service lets you impassively set that price.

My position exactly. I like to buy nice bikes, I need another bike like I need a hole in the head.

I only bid with Esnipe. I am not sneaky, lazy or unethical. Just disciplined.

As to Ebay and max bids I am sure many buyers have been glad I exposed another bidders greater valuation of an item I lost and many would be surprised at the maximum I had bid when winning an item.

Joe Bender-Zanoni Great Notch NJ. wrote:
> Charles Andrews wrote:
> "No ethics involved. No fair-play either. People
> behave during ebay auctions EXACTLY the way they
> behave at normal in-person auctions. In a normal,
> in-person auction, no-one reveals how much they're
> willing to pay until the end of bidding. Ebay's
> proxy-bid system violates that basic tactic: it
> forces you to reveal what you're willing to pay."
> "Snipe systems fix this problem, by allowing all
> bidders to bid exactly as they would at a real
> auction. Sniping makes ebay into a REAL auction
> site."
> No, it doesn't make eBay into a REAL auction site. In a REAL auction (not
> counting sealed bid situations), bidding continues until only one high bidder
> is left and the rest have thrown in their towels. For eBay to be like a REAL
> auction site, auctions would continue for some amount of time after the last
> bid was placed. If bidding continued, so would the auction. Of course,
> that would remove the opportunity to get a "fair" deal. Snipe systems just make
> it possible to be sneaky AND lazy at the same time. I personally have more
> respect for someone who goes in with a minute or two left and places a high
> bid. Just as in a REAL auction, all the other bidders are given fair notice
> to (as my late grandmother would say) s**t or get off the pot. Then again,
> maybe I'm just naive.
> As another writer noted, the whole sniping matter has already been beaten to
> death many times over, and I offer my own apology for continuing it. I
> suppose I just get a bit irked by the rationalizations (or plain old absolution)
> that some give of their own behavior. Few people ever seem to think their
> own conduct could possibly violate the tenets of ethics or fair play. Just ask
> a few Congressmen if you don't believe me.
> I.P. Merkin
> Providence (where it'll be 80 tomorrow), RI