Re: [CR] Stronglight 49D cotterless cranks timeline-----"Depose" vs. "Marque Depose"

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Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 12:36:03 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Stronglight 49D cotterless cranks timeline-----"Depose" vs. "Marque Depose"

>1) When was the Stronglight 49D cotterless introduced,
>and did it initially say simply "STRONGLIGHT" or
>"STRONGLIGHT DEPOSE" on the crankarms ovals?

1933 or 1934. Check your back issues of VBQ. I think that has been covered several times - for sure in Volume 1, No. 4 on the technical trials. I do not know what the stamping was. I have seen one set of pre-war Stronglight cranks, and they looked similar to the post-war ones, just the finish-work was different.
>2) If they said simply "STRONGLIGHT" when was "DEPOSE"

I do not know, either. But by 1945, it appears to have been there.
>3) When did Stronglight 49D cranks go from saying
>I've searched the CR archives and Scott Davis in a
>July 14/15 2002 post spoke to one part of my question
>writing, "I think they added Marquee in mid to late

My ca. 1955 Alex Singer has "no marque" stamps, and so does a 1962 Singer featured in our book "The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles." However, the latter bike has many older parts that make it look like a 1952 bike...

I sometimes wonder whether they used both for a while, as I have seen quite a few earlier bikes with the "Marque." It is possible, of course, that cranks were swapped over time when owners had several bikes of different vintages.
>In my particular case I have a set of 175mm 49D
>"Depose" cranks and I am trying to fix their
>approximate date for suitability for a late '40s/
>early '50s French rando project.

I would call them entirely suitable.

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