RE: [CR]Masi - Apologies for the mispost!!

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I'm presuming this is indeed on topic due to it's lugged construction....

It is definitely a real Masi. I know because I have one exactly the same as what you provided pictures of. Mine was bought NOS and imported through Torelli and is from the mid-late 90's vintage. Mine was originally painted by CR list member and Masi painter Jim Allen (I think that's his name) and a few years back I provided the serial number and he was able to identify for me the date and color he painted it. I use mine as my daily rider this year and as my winter roller bike. Very stiff frame. Mine is equipped with off topic Campagnolo 2003 Chorus components. I'm traveling right now but if a pic or two of mine would be helpful let me know and 'I'll snap a few once I get back home this weekend.

Eric Elman
Somers, CT USA

---- Ken Freeman wrote:

> It certainly isn't of the same classic style as the '70s and '80s frames

\r?\n> that are on the CR site and elsewhere. I have a 1980, and it is very

\r?\n> different in the lugs, seatstay caps, and fork. I suspect it's been

\r?\n> rebadged, or it's much more recent than I would know about.


\r?\n> Ken Freeman

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\r?\n> A customer brought this Masi in last night he got off ebay to build up.

\r?\n> But, it does not look like a Masi to me. Can anybody tell me if it is or did

\r?\n> someone just badge it that way. Thanks









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