[CR]Nice (small) early 70s Italvega Superlight on Ebay ... again.

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Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 20:26:09 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Nice (small) early 70s Italvega Superlight on Ebay ... again.

<http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Italvega-Superlight-Road-Bike-Full-Campagnolo_W0Q QitemZ270035753647QQihZ017QQcategoryZ98084QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewIte m?hash=item270035753647>

Or, Ebay item number 270035753647

This bike was sold on Ebay in late 2003 to a buyer in the Chicago area. The buyer intended it for his wife, who did not fall in love with the bike. He sold it to a local shop, where someone on hand at the shop wanted it. The new buyer subsequently has relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, decided to accept that it is too small for him and now has the bike listed on Ebay, once again (first time for him).

For those who do not already know, Italvegas were made by Torpado, in Padova, Italy, from about 1970 to about 1977 (beginning and end dates have yet eluded me). The Superlight model, starting in about 1973 but perhaps as early as 1972 was their top of the line, had drilled front and rear Campy dropouts and a super relieved bottom bracket undershell, and if sold as a complete bike, was equipped with a milled, drilled and reduced "by" Torpado, Campagnolo Record gruppo.

It's been posted before, but here is a link to listmember Mark Bulgier's great website showing an approx. 1976 Italvega brochure page with a complete Superlight bike: http://www.bulgier.net/pics/bike/Catalogs/ItalVega-76/IT7.jpg Click on the image for a larger view.

The paint and decals on the Ebay bike have held up quite well, given their tendency to degrade notably with age. If it ever had manufacturer reduced components, they are long gone. It is a beautiful bike, but is designed for the shortest people of our lot (yes, even shorter than me). Mary K. ... you still out there? ... Need a nice vintage Italian bike? Given my love for (most) all things Torpado, I'd love to see the bike get a nice new home with a listmember, plus the seller was very helpful with information, so I figured I'd out it to the list.

Mark Agree
Southfield MI USA