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Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 19:06:42 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]T-town report
From: Michael Schmidt <>
To: Ken Sanford <>, <>
Thread-Topic: [CR]T-town report
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Ken, Thanks for posting what photos that you did take.

The photo on the bottom row, middle position is Joe Bender, Dan Artley and listmember Dave Neuhaus, who later scored a cool track frame.

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 10/8/06 6:52 PM, "Ken Sanford" <> wrote:
> Was nice to get out and see a lot of familiar faces and some that I had
> never actually met before - except in cyberspace.
> As Harvey Sachs, my brother and I were driving up in the pre-dawn hours, the
> weather did not seem promising as we drove through some intermitent and
> sometimes persisting showers. But when we arrived circa 0745 the closer
> parking lot was almost full and it was dry. Immediately saw Curtis Anthony
> completing deals in the parking lot....
> The infield of the track was damp but not soggy. Weather remained cool and
> a bit breezy - but dry! (Not like the spring swap where we choose (I later
> heard wisely) just to stay home.
> Sold a fair amount of stuff, some at reasonable prices, and some real
> cheap - to free up space and funds for the 1950 Higgins path racer that
> changed owners from Ed Albert to myself. did not quite manage to sell
> enough to cover the Higgins.... see picts at
> I did take a very few photos - six. Sorry about that - and poor quality to
> boot! They can be seen at
> Looking forward to the next swap in February in Westminster, MD
> Ken Sanford
> Kensington, MD