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Wolber bought Super Champion in the early/mid 80's IIRC. The rims didn't change much for a while, as they continued to produce mostly the same models, and in fact the labels continued to say Super Champion, just adding Wolber as well.

I think perhaps Wolber tires are still being produced, although I don't know if the company is still independent. In the early/mid 70's, Wolber tires and Super Champion rims were pretty much standard on high-end French bikes, except Mavic did have a decent share of the rims. You did see Michelin clincher tires, but clichers were mostly on low/mid range models at that time.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Republica de Tejas wrote: In my experience (much more limited than Sheldon's, I must say) a standard-spaced 6 is virtually certain to work, while a narrow 7 will probably work and can certainly be made to work.

I think the company is Wolber (not Wobler), and you can find a discussion of Wolber and it's history on the Classic Rendezvous website. It might be listed under Super Champion. The two companies were originally independent, then at some point one bought the other.

Ken Freeman
Ann Arbor, MI USA

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> Iain Stasukevich wrote:

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >I just purchased a pair of "27, 36-hole Wobler Super Champion Alpine Pro

\r?\n> >clincher rims in unused condition on eBay, and now I'm ready to get the hubs

\r?\n> >for these babies. I'd like to know what my hub specs should be in order to

\r?\n> >accept a six-gear cassette. I know they need to be 36-hole, but I'm not so

\r?\n> >sure about spacing.


\r?\n> 6 speed cassette hubs are quite rare. Cassette hubs didn't really

\r?\n> catch on until the move to 7-speed clusters.


\r?\n> You need at least 126 mm spacing for a standard width 6-speed,

\r?\n> freewheel or cassette. However 126 also works for 7-speed, so you

\r?\n> might do better to look for a 7-speed cassette hub.


\r?\n> If you're not clear about the very important distinction between

\r?\n> freewheels and cassettes, see:




\r?\n> You could also likely spread your frame to 130 and use any modern

\r?\n> "road" 8-/9-10-speed hub.


\r?\n> See:


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