Re: [CR]Modern technical trials gear???

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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 12:43:48 -0400
From: "Angel Garcia" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Modern technical trials gear???
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You've entered into the world of weightweenies; see:

Lightest bike competition (not sure I would want to race some of these):

There is some CR content in the LISTINGS section.

AX-Lightness is a popular component manufacturer among weightweenies.

Angel Garcia Verona, IT

On 10/11/06, Tom Dalton <> wrote:
> I am so taken aback by what I've just seen that I must share it with this
> list. Before any of you jump on my back about how all of this is off-topic,
> consider a few things...
> The spirit of the technical trials bikes is alive and well and living at
> Posh Bikes. Well, at least part of the spirit. Consider the integrated
> saddle and post offered here (scroll down for pic):
> or this bottle cage that is, "primarily designed for weight saving, this
> item is not recommended for racing use." What does this even mean? You
> don't use it in races, you use it when you're weight saving? How about
> having no cage at all? I rarely get thirsty while weight saving.
> And for you luddites who still use chromed steel TA cages (as I do) your
> nightmare is here:
> There is a point here. It seems that there is a lot of very fancy stuff
> available these days that just doesn't seem fit for racing. For example, a
> seat that can't be adjusted just doesn't seem practical in a racing
> environment (or anywahere else IMHO). With the UCI setting a lwer limit on
> bike weight, and one that is pretty easy to run up against (or is that down
> against?) what is the incentive to use this ultra-light gear? Is there some
> sort of techical trials competition going on in Germany and Switzerland that
> I don't know about? Seriously... is that the referenced activity of "weight
> saving?" I suspect that this is just stuff for riders who will never, ever
> have to worry about the UCI, and who engage in cash ripping contests with
> friends, but it would be interesting to see a modern version fo technical
> trials, perhaps without the fenders, lights and racks... although that might
> lead to a whole new market in SL touring parts....
> Tom Dalton
> Bethlehem, PA, USA