[CR]FS: Chris Kvale in Minneapolis

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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 10:20:11 -0700
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cc: gene@oneononebike.com
Subject: [CR]FS: Chris Kvale in Minneapolis

I happen to be visiting Minneapolis last week and a friend brought me to One on One Bike Studio at 117 N Washington Ave. It's an impressive mix of bike studio, art, cafe and bike shop. Gene let me roam around the ~400 bike bone room in the basement and was surprised to see a ~57cm green Chris Kvale asking $1200, Raleigh Professional, Osella?, Pabst Blue Ribbon edition chromed Stingray, a John Deere bike, etc.

On the main floor, 3Rensho track bike, ancient Cinelli, fully restored Bianchi motorcycle, restored (Swiss?) Tiagra with wood rims, NJS Nitto bars in stock, Bianchi Luna (off-topic white carbon), The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles in stock, etc. 25 more bikes on the walls to see for yourself.


Peter Chu
San Francisco, CA
grew up in Rochester, MN