Re: [CR]Lyotard Berthod Repair

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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 16:36:56 -0500
From: "Tom Hayes" <>
To: "Jerome & Elizabeth Moos" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Lyotard Berthod Repair
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I have changed Berthet pedal spindles with Atom, and at least two different models of Lyotard pedals. They exchange between the Atom and Lyotard pedals to the Berthet all made the Berthets work for me, except for one exchange when I attempted to use them on a Chater Lea crank; the spindles came through the crank too far and hit on the chainstay on the driveside and just barely cleared the left chainstay.

And in doing these exchanges, I wondered again if there isn't a specific tool for holding, loosening, and tightening the cone nut that that is used on the outside of the Berthet pedal. Two very thin-bladed screwdrivers does the job, but very awkwardly and with a bit of cussing the design when one needs to tightened the locknut.


Tom Hayes Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA

On 10/14/06, Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> wrote:
> Wait. all is not lost. I compared the distance between bearing surfaces
> of the Berthet, the 45D, the 45A and the Atom 700. They are all very darned
> close to each other. So there is a good change the spindles will
> interchange. This is good news, since these pedals were made in huge
> numbers, so there have to be a lot of trashed potential spindle donors
> around. No guarantees, but I'd look for some trashed 45D's with the right
> pedal thread and wrench flats. This was the stock pedal on most early 70's
> PX-10's.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> wrote:
> Guys, in partial answer to my own question, I compared Berthet spindle
> lengths with both all-steel chrome (longest) and all-Al (shorter) rat-traps,
> the Berthet was shortest of all.


> Jack

> Sacramento