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Doug Smith writes:-To have a bike without this attachment was never seen or heard of because of the law where a front and rear lamp was required after lighting up time. I am with Doug Smith on the usefullness of lamp bracket bosses but I'm not sure about any legal requirement. It was normal for roadster bikes to have a lamp bracket on the fork between the top race and lock nut so clearly there was some leeway in lamp position. Regarding multi bike ownership, yes plenty of guys would have three bikes. Take my late clubmate Bill Bradley as an example. He got a road bike for free off Harry Quinn, he had a "ladies" roadster bike that he rode to work and he had a track bike that he used on two Sundays a year (total time ten minutes) during in the hill climb season. In short like the vast majority of English cyclists he did all his "proper" cycling on one bike. Incidentally guys who didn't want a braze on lamp bracket boss would often put the bracket on the front wheel spindle. It was difficult to reach and bang when the lamp (frequently) went out! Ray Green, Brighton, England

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