Re: [CR]Carlton Jewel -- anybody have one?

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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:32:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Peter Jourdain <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Carlton Jewel -- anybody have one?
To: Emanuel Lowi <>,
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Hi, there--

Paul Cameron (don't know if it's his real name or simply an ebay handle) had a lovely crimson Jewel for sale on UK ebay a year or two ago. I downloaded the auction photos and if I can dig them up I'll send them to you. I recall that one of the things that struck me on that bike was the incredibly lovely "carved" stem. And if my memory holds, I think somewhere on the bike was embedded an actual jewel.

Paul at the same time was selling the Jewel along with a number of other amazing bikes, including a hen's tooth rare Viking SBU tracker in blue with the unusual rear stays, see link below----

I'd die for either of those two machines.


Peter Jourdain
Whitewater, WI US of A

--- Emanuel Lowi wrote:

> Subject line says it all -- anyone here own one or

\r?\n> are

\r?\n> there any photos on Wool Jersey?


\r?\n> In my ongoing fascination with classic British

\r?\n> steeds,

\r?\n> I'm reaching the conclusion that this may be one of

\r?\n> the most beautiful of the UK classics -- and would

\r?\n> love to see some more examples.


\r?\n> Emanuel Lowi

\r?\n> Montreal, Quebec