[CR]I accidently built an extra bike frame

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From: "brianbaylis@juno.com" <brianbaylis@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 00:28:38 GMT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]I accidently built an extra bike frame

Dear Listmembers,

Before I attempt to find an appreciative owner for this extra frame I

have; I felt I should offer it to the list first. This came about in a

first time situation where I built a main triangle with customized

lugs (Pacenti) for a customer who wanted an "extra ordinardy" lugset.

The first set of lugs was not quite what the customer was thinking; so

I started over with a much more complex lug pattern. I went ahead and

nearly finished the frame and fork, since most of the work was already

done by the time the main frame is together. So, this frame is nearly

finished and can be painted whatever way the new owner would like.

Chrome on the lugs and crown will not be an option since I did not

plan on that from the beginning; but any other paint scheme is

available. Delivery will be within 4 or 5 weeks from right now.

Here is what I have:

Frame size: 60.5cm c-t O/S Columbus tubes (tt 7/4/7, dt 9/6/9)

Reynolds forks and stays. Modified Pacenti lugs and modified vintage

fork crown, Campag. 1010a (long) dropouts, so you can use it as a

fixed gear bike also.

Top tube: 58cm c-c Head angle: 73 degrees Seat angle: 72 degrees Drop: 8cm Rake: 4.5cm Chainstays: 430mm

Someone can save themselves a LONG wait, like 3 years or more and some

cash (save $1000 over current price for this frame) if this happens to

be your size and you have a hankering to own a Baylis frame, sometime

withing your lifetime ;-). The price is $4000. Contact me off list to

discuss this further or call me at the shop Thursday after 9am Pacific

time at 619-449-5977. I suspect this is a once in a lifetime

opportunity; this has never happend before and I"m pretty sure it

won't happen again.

Thanks for listening. Photos of the uncompleted bike and the process

of modifying the lugs and crown are available to genuinely interested

parties. Shown also will be the super cool "hetchinslike" dougle

fluted stay caps I used on this bike. Photos of both the fancier frame

and this one will appear soon on my website. Yes, it will actually be


Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA