RE: [CR]eRichie's Masi -- now I'm really confused

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Subject: RE: [CR]eRichie's Masi -- now I'm really confused
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:22:52 -0400
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What is interesting is to look at the bidders lists.

Auction 1:

Auction 2:

Very few of the same bidders.

IMHO, fall is the _worst_ time to sell a bike. The late winter/early spring is the best. This might be an extreme example of that effect. Who knows. I have a half dozen classic bikes and frames I need to sell, but none will be on the market until after the new year.

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> Subject: [CR]eRichie's Masi -- now I'm really confused
> Okay, wha happened? Not so very long ago eRichie offered his
> more-than-perfect Masi GC for auction, and drew bids above
> $6,000. This time out, the bidding ended before $4,000.
> Somehow I cannot fathom that a sarcastic comment about
> schmutz on the derailleur cost the man two grand. (Although,
> hey, what would it take to wipe down the darn bike, Richard?
> There's even Sachs Schmutz Trademarked Registered WaxSealed
> on top of the headset!) Not even a snipe off, here? This is
> a nice price for a classic Masi, but the general consensus
> seems to be that this is no average classic Masi.
> Was it lack of an earlier, and more straight-faced, outing of
> the auction to the list -- Classic Rendezvous driving the market?
> By the way: No, I will not be sending eRichie two grand for
> defaming his schmutz. I knew exactly what I was doing when I
> outed the auction--couldn't figure out why nobody else had,
> with just two days left.


> Dan Kehew

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