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Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 04:10:21 +0000

Say what?

Watch the auctions for much of the pricey stuff and all bidders including the Japanese seem to bid at the last moment. Ever notice the auctions run by Grant Handley? Many showed international action in the final moments. I've seen cool Herse stuff go from $600 to $4.5K in the final 60 seconds.

Did it ever occur to anyone that some folks bid high early to see if they are quickly outbid? By doing so, no mental energy needs to be expended watching the auction. If one knows that they are out of the running early in the game, no need to wonder and worry.

And the deraillieur in question? I bet it will end at least around 2K. Most every one of these that has come up the last year has had some issue or excuse or tragic flaw. This one looks used but right on. I don't think the bidding has really started yet.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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\r?\n> > Charles,

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\r?\n> > Someone once wrote to the list that the Japanese believe that

\r?\n> > sniping is not

\r?\n> > honorable. That is why many of them do not rely on the last six tics.

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\r?\n> Yeah, I think that was me, Mike. You're correct that the Japanese

\r?\n> like to do their eBay bidding "mano e mano," before the end of the

\r?\n> auction, like real men. None of that dishonorable, back stabbing,

\r?\n> sniping for them. No, no, no...


\r?\n> Certainly a commendable trait, honor; I just wish I could afford to

\r?\n> be that "honorable" when it came to bidding up stuff on eBay !


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