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Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 22:20:13 -0800
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I just used it on some of the pieces of a set of old Campy Gran Sport brakes. They say leave it on 10 minutes. I had to double that time for a couple spots. After that polish with 00 steel wool & looks dang good. Don't know the long term effects of this stuff though. I just used it on the steel parts - brake release mechanism, adjuster nut, acorn nut, etc. Some of it bled over to the alu parts a bit but I didn't notice any finish degradation there.

Regards, Eric Meddaugh clearing & colder in Incline Village, NV ---

On 11/3/06, brendan casey <onlyofyou@gmail.com> wrote:
> has anyone ever used this for rust removal on bikes? on chrome?
> thanks very much.
> brendan casey
> brooklyn ny usa