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<< A cycle accident gave me a titanium jaw. >>


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Jacqui Shannon London, United Kingdom

Canadian born, London based. I've lived in Dublin for a year and been across Canada 3 times. For the last two years I have been jumbling and learning about vintage bikes... I have a lot to learn! My first love is the vintage track machines of the 50s and 60s, I have one which I have rebuilt and recently riden in Tuscona Italy for L'Eroica. (Yes, the red Gilloit lives in my house too). I live with two messengers who are complete bike geeks.

I do fundraising in the form of sponsorship procurement for the London Bicycle Messenger Association.. By day I work at Velorution in w1 London, a shop the specialises in high quality and unusual city bicycles and tricycles, (Dutch, Finish, German). It's a boutique bike shop with an ace mechanic imported from Italy.. It's a proper bike geek bike shop. I do events for the shop and right now am working on a bicycle fashion show for March / April. I love my job.

I like distance races. I was the first woman to do Vlattenrundan in Sweden, and L'eroica on a fixed gear. My beast of choice, my daily ride and the bike I abuse and love the most is a custom built track frame from Mercian, she's pink and white and scratched and battered but the most beautiful thing in the world to me. She's in the Mercian gallery with model 14 Cinelli and period Campy cranks.

I have a geared 80's Bob Jackson unbuilt, waiting... I love lugs, and would love to file a set of my own. I have a weakness for cinelli steel bars, 'lettered' chainrings, double fork crowns and underslung stems. I do my own repairs. A cycle accident gave me a titanium jaw.

For the past year I have been trying to identify my L'eroica bike by it's serial number (12206) and when I finally do I will badge her..

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