[CR]1984 Olypmpic Team Frames

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From: "Andrew Bohlmann" <encantadas@pcisys.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 11:30:29 -0700
Subject: [CR]1984 Olypmpic Team Frames

The frames for the 1984 US Cycling Federation Olympic Team were "Raleighs." The Official Olympic bikes were "Murrays." The "Raleighs" were built by Mike Melton.

USCF Team Members in the Team Pursuit and 100km Team Time Trial rode the "Raleighs." Nelson Vails also rode a "Raleigh." Riders is all other events were free to use their own bikes.

Mark Whitehead rode whatever, but by no means was it an "Official" 1984 Olympic Team bike. I think he rode for a trade team who used "Murrarys."

The "Official" Olympic Team bikes (Murrays) were built by Serrota who also built the 1983/84 Campagnolo Technical Support framesets. An additional 18 of these were built for the Olympics.

I have an '83/'84 Serrota "Olympic Campagnolo Technical Support" frameset which can be seen on my web site at http://www.sandcreeksports.com at the very bottom of the front page. Click on it for a story and several photos. Special thanks to Brook Watts for its history. Brook is racing the two UCI cross races in Boulder this weekend. Go Brook!

Additional information is available in David Prouty's "In Spite of Us" book which is no longer in print. David Prouty was the Executive Director of the USCF from 1983-'86.

I was the lead UCI National Commissaire at the '84 games which included measuring all bikes (USCF bikes did not pass but were allowed anyway) and holding for the TTT and Team Pursuit. Right after the '84 Games I became the first USCF Technical Director.

Andy Bohlmann
Colorado Springs, CO