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From: "Brandon Ives" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Stainless steel tubing, Reynolds and Columbus
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 15:05:56 -0800
To: Angel Garcia <>

For me it's zip, zero, and nada. . . at least for a few years. Remember Armet from the early-90s? Ever try to work Metax? If you're interested in the stuff you should check in at the 953 forum at: I haven't been convinced that stainless is any better than non- stainless, just shinier and harder to work. If you want light checkout the True Temper S-3 tubing Hank sells: I'll keep my eye on it to see if it develops and if it does and a customer wants to pony up the cash I'll give it a whorl. Until that time I'll stay on the sidelines. Just so this stays on topic let me add that I believe that using something like this stuff with its ultra-thin walls on a traditionally tubed bike (1" TT, 1.125" ST and DT) would be a real whippy ride. Ever ride the old Columbus KL or Record tubesets? best, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives doesn't believe the hype in Vancouver, B.C.

On Nov 11, 2006, at 1:38 PM, Angel Garcia wrote:
> Wondering what kind of impact stainless steel tubesets are going to
> have in
> the market? Any of our KOF builders on the list planning to use?
> WATERFORD, using Reynolds 953, has built a lugged version using
> tweaked some
> Richard Sachs stainless Newvex lugs, Pacenti stainless bottom bracket,
> silver brazed, polished frame, chromed 531 fork (for $3,500). For
> photos go
> to, click on Models, then click on
> Message
> Board, and scroll through until you see Reynolds 953 discussion).
> Columbus has announced their new stainless steel tubeset (see below):
> Courtesy of
> "Columbus takes another shot at stainless steel tubing
> After a long hiatus, Columbus has reintroduced a stainless steel
> tubeset,
> dubbed XCr. Unlike the older Metax pipes, XCr will be truly seamless,
> starting from a solid machined billet and then cold drawn to
> produce the
> final wall thicknesses. Columbus claims that this production method
> will
> keep the mechanical properties constant and uniform throughout the
> entire
> round section of the tube. Moreover, the grain structure of the new
> XCr
> tubing is said to be unaffected by welding, thus maintaining joint
> strength.
> As expected, frames built with the new XCr tubes will boast excellent
> resistance to corrosion, and many builders will likely opt to use a
> bare
> finish. XCr frames also promise to be rather light as well, since
> tube walls
> as thin as 0.4mm will be possible given the material's high
> strength. "


> Angel Garcia

> Verona, IT