Re: [CR]NY Times story on (slightly) pricey bicycles

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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 08:48:31 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]NY Times story on (slightly) pricey bicycles

It wasn't so long ago, "back in the day", that we all were so desperate to have money enter the sport, how about a little TV coverage, a mention of a stage win in printed media, maybe a USA magazine on the sport, what about an American bike other than the long in the tooth yet venerable Paramount....hmmm.
   don't know the specifics on the 20K plus bike in question, or the guy laying out his disposable income. it seems to me that $$$ drives the technology these days. who knows what spark this sets off in some young designer/inventor who sees that thar's gold in them thar hills....the next Phil Wood. really, who cares how someone spends his dough on a one of a kind bicycle...or even if he ever rides the thing. i remember seeing a gold plated italian job at the NY Trade show back in the 70's....the technology was so stalled that the only value you could add to a bike was gold plate.....all that campy, and gold, for $2,995. hmmm, seemed stupid at the time....wish i had the disposable income back then to pick that one of a kind up for my wall art. this judgement reminds me of the cat calls that were made by some CR's at the guy who showed up for a "classic" ride wearing the "wrong" clothes. I love bikes! period charlie flaherty baltimore maryland usa