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From: "Bob Hanson" <theonetrueBob@webtv.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 13:40:26 -0700
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Subject: [CR] Re: Stronglight headsets
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One more you entry could add to Kim Klakow's fine list is the "S-5" also known as the "Super Competition" headset. This was beautifully and heavily chromed steel with loose balls, and the familiar v-toothed lock ring. And, with lettering in recessed bands it looked very much like a Nuovo Record headset. They are about the heaviest headsets I've ever encountered. Weight is around 225 grams, so they were obviously intended for very long and demanding use. Probably targetted at the N/R, in fact. Period of first manufacture was probably toward late 1970s.

>From a slightly later listing [Stronglight catalogue no. 26] - probably early 1980s, here are a couple entries:

"S7 Super Competition" weighed 192 grams (complete with 4.7mm balls). Looks similar to the S5 but somewhat more modern, it finally lacks the toothed lockring. It now also lacked the recessed bands of it's predecessor.

There was also at this time the "D8 Extra Leger" this was their "Course Professionelle" model. This used silver anodized alloy parts and steel inserts [just like the Super Record] but otherwise looked just like the S7 and used the same size balls. This one weighed 137 grams, complete.

Both the venerable P3 and V4 models were still being produced at this time - even after the last two were introduced.

One last comment: The "V-type" bearings on the V4 should not be confused with the angled needle bearings of recent headsets, such as the A9. This simply referred to the wedge-shaped bearing races, rather than the simpler concave bearing surfaces of the P3, et al. I believe the idea was to simply disperse the bearing load onto two points of contact rather than one.

Bob Hanson, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA