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In response to your second question;

SOMA is a reference to a district of San Francisco - South Of MArket (Street). It's the same idea as New York's SOHO - South Of HOuston.

Mark Buswell San Francisco, CA United States

On Nov 15, 2006, at 11:04 AM, wrote:
> There was a Soma bicycle company that made bikes in the early 80s
> too. I show an address of 200 Park Avenue, New York, with the
> name Matsui. I don't know whether this was a person, bike shop,
> distributor or what. I only have a confirmed date of frames from
> 1982 and I show that they no longer produce frames. At the Soma
> Fabrications website mentioned today, they say they started about
> five years ago, so doesn't appear to be connected. Questions:
> 1) Does anyone know anything about the Soma company from the 1980s?
> 2) What does Soma mean? Is that Japanese?
> Lou Deeter
> Orlando FL
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