[CR]NY Times story on (slightly) pricey bicycles

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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:14:12 EST
Subject: [CR]NY Times story on (slightly) pricey bicycles
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In a message dated 11/14/06 1:35:26 PM, Dale writes:

> This all may be drifting Off Topic but the connection is that somehow I
> think that shops like mine, Jeff Groman's, Jeff Archer's, Mike Barry's and many
> other CR members' will become as rare as the vintage bikes that bring us
> together on this list if the trend continues....

I disagree. Anyone who needs good service or a better-than-average product will always seek out shops like yours. And th folks who buy bikes at Walmart will either never ride them or will end up at your door when they need service, and that is your opportunity to educate them. The LBS her ein