[CR]CR jersey?

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Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 14:45:36 -0500
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From: "Jeff Potter" <jeff@outyourbackdoor.com>
Subject: [CR]CR jersey?

I just can't believe there isn't a CR jersey.

Yet so many of us geeks are hanging out here, learning SO MUCH about bikes and having so much fun! And quite a few of us are designers and frickin' computer freaks. There are probably several good online jersey companies where you just upload your jpegs and can get $55 custom sublimated jerseys in runs of 10.


Is this yet another indicator of the actual lameness of the Net?

All talk no action?

But, no, I've actually been on a CR ride! CR rocks!

Heck, there should be a WOOL CR jersey! I'm a lightweight. I'd figure that I'd be WAY behind and that there would be all different versions of the CR jersey out there.



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