Re: [CR]Hub Cleaners: Does anyone use them anymore?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Hub Cleaners: Does anyone use them anymore?
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 15:56:24 -0800

Ok guys: The name I remember is "Hubshiners". They've been used on bikes since before 1900. Any old thing will do. I 've often seen old hubs that have had the road grit wear so much as to go through the nickel or through the chrome to nickel and copper to bare steel. We're takling of of a gazillion revs with sanding down action Most of the ones were put on by people with stock bikes, and were sold all over where bike parts were stocked. Most popular were leather with reflectors which tinged when the shiners(s) touched spokes. Green front, red back. Later they were cheap plastic. many folks just made their own, ie. pipe cleaners, clothesline, cloth with weight, leather, you name it. The oiler impeded turning but the shiner bounced around and did the job anyway. A few racers did it into the '40's maybe but I never saw it after the late '40's on any of the racing guys, and only the fewest touring / sport
Ted Ernst
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> After seeing the chrome plating wear off the hubs I quit using them on my
> "Off Topic" bike. (that was the only kind around then)
> Mine were a leather strap with a flat lead pice folded over to hold the
> ends
> together and weight.
> Happy Trails
> Charlie Petry Jennersville PA and TX for a couple days