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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 09:35:54 -0500
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I thought the Dilecta was comfortable. Mileage wise, we did a total of 35 o n a mostly flat course. The saddle and my bum took a while to make friends bu t overall the bike is in excellent shape for its age. I rode with Sidi touring shoes and had no problems whatsoever with foot clearance. Of cours e Ray neglects to mention that the shoes he wore were designed for mountain bikes with that thick heal that extends into the next zip code.

Regarding the swap of the bikes, it was fun to watch someone else ride your bike. You get a chance to observe things like that hitch in my back wheel.

Ray, I attached a jpeg that I shot when we stopped for coffee in Rocky Hill . This is the photo of the Dilecta and Singer that you may want to upload to your site. The file is entitled ³Two Frogs and a Tree².

Happy Turkey Dude

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 11/23/06 9:09 AM, "" <> wrote:
> Back in October I reported to this list that I bagged a Dilecta randoneur
> bicycle at the T-town antique swap which was a week before the road swap
> meet. I spent some time cleaning it up, changing out the Suntour front
> derailleur for something French and also changing out the Weinman brake
> levers in favor of Mafac to match the cantilevers already in place. It
> turned out pretty nice so here are some photos for you to look at. I took
> it out for a ride but do not have proper old leather cycling shoes so the
> heel of my foot kept hitting the rear derailleur hanger.
> A couple of weeks ago Mike Schmidt and I went for a favorite ride along
> the canal in Millstone NJ. I brought this bike and Mike brought a Alex
> Singer. We swapped bikes at the beginning of the ride so I did not have t o
> worry about the hanger problem. Mike can give a better review of the ride
> than I can at this point. I know the Singer rode beautifully but that is
> another story for another time.
> Other than changing those two items out the bike is equipped just as I
> purchased it. I believe it to be mid 50s to early 60s. It is a neat bike
> to look at but unfortunatly it is not my size. Still a good addition to m y
> collection.
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> Ray Homiski
> Elizabeth, NJ