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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 11:19:53 EST
To: dbilenkey@sympatico.ca, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]my 2 cents

larry and david, my exact thought when you said broken....i thought that an adhesive bond failed...."glued and screwed" was the secret to the success.... i heard that the Alan people took a "suitcase" full of tubes to Poland to fit out the national team back in 74(?)..after sizing the tubes for each rider they proceeded to glue up the frames on the spot..this was to feature the frame w/ what was an outstanding national team for the "worlds".....it featured a star rider named Ryzard Zyrkowski and a strong supporting cast...."Zski" went on to win the title and the rest of the team put 4 others in the top 10....all were riding gold Alans w/ full campagnolo.. i do believe this was the moment that the thin bladed record fork was exposed as being far too flexible and blades were immediately "evolved" to the heavier , larger tube on the Super Record model..previous to that event i do believe the team rode on a chech(sp.) frame named Favorit w/ campi drive train includeing hubs( regina chain and cluster) and chech bar/stem, brakes, rims/tires.....this resounding success was a great boon to the image of Alan....this amatuer team might have won the tour de france had the communist powers allowed them to compete in such western, capitlist events. anyway, if the stay has just seperated i would definitely go for a well researched adhesive fix.....if a tube has broken in half away from the lug, which i can't even picture in my mind's eye, i'd still go for a fix (adhesive and sleeve) rather than returning what seems to be a rare little Alan....i'll look for your pictures...before a host of people attack me i will say that what i have stated above is all my recollection from thirty years ago. charlie flaherty baltimore maryland usa